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Healthier and insured person showcase increased productivity.
With our benefits ensure that your family too.


Samradhi Insurance Agency engaged in Life and Health Insurance from last 25 years. We are the best insurance agency setup in the heart of Indore. We provide the best ultimate solutions and guidance to choose the best product of Life and Health insurance to secure life and health of customers. We are one of the leading life and health insurance providers in Indore. 



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Life Insurance Services

  1. Authorized to collect premium from our customers, and deposit in LIC office well in time.
  2. Update our customers for newly introduced and withdrawn LIC plans.
  3. E-mail and SMS alert for premium payments and due dates.
  4. Help in settlement of Policy on maturity and death claims.
  5. Offer our customers best policy combination plans for maximum returns according to their need.
  6. Helping in hospitalization and claim settlement after discharge from hospital.
  7. Providing premium payment certificate for ITR purpose.
  8. E-mail for NAV Updates
  1. Information for Dos and Don’ts for buying Life insurance.
  2. Awareness about Spurious Calls.

Health Insurance Services

Thanks to sedentary lifestyle, health insurance has become a necessity for every individual in the last few years. This is also the reason people are genuinely concerned about their health. As a result, they give right amount of thoughts at the time when they are considering to buy health insurance policy.

HDFC Ergo and Star Health Insurance offers the best health insurance plans in India today, for men and women of any age. Both companies offers individual health insurance plans, family floater health insurance plans and group health insurance policies for corporate.

Being a Advisor We offer the following services to our customers.

  1. Helps in Premium payments well in time.
  2. Offers and explains best health plans as per customer’s requirement.
  3. Helps at the time of their illness or accident.
  4. SMS and E-mail for Health Insurance payments.
  5. Helps and providing information about Network Hospitals.
  6. Helps in claim settlement.